Thursday, 2 February 2012

Falko Konditormeister

Despite an ongoing travel ban at work, JD was summoned up to Edinburgh for a workshop this week for a few days so I decided to tag along and use the trip as a chance to catch up with some old school mates.

I had arranged to pop over to my friend S's house on a wintry morning and didn't want to turn up with "兩梳蕉" (lit. 2 bunches of bananas in Cantonese. The bananas are in reference to your hands, ie. emptyhanded!) so I popped into a bakery in her neighbourhood to pick up some cake. I didn't realise until I was in the shop that Falko was the same bakery that was featured in one of the episodes of Rachel Allen's enormously popular Bake programme. At the time of filming, there was only 1 bakery based in Gullane and the programme centred around the making of Baumkuchen. I did ask the lady who was serving me about it but they didn't have any available at the moment and also told me that it was very much a Christmas speciality. The bakery doubles up as a shop and cafe and had a lovely cosy, old school feel to it - if I had a bit more time in the city, I would've definitely headed back for some coffee and cake :)

After much pondering at the cake display, I finally settled for some plum cake, black forest gateau, choux layer cake and a decadent looking chocolate and peanut slice. S's wee lads tucked into the choc/peanut slice combo and gave it the seal of approval! Cool place for a pit stop if you ever happen to find yourself around Bruntsfield/Morningside :)
 My choices were top shelf (middle) = plum cake, middle shelf (middle) = peanut and chocolate slice, bottom shelf = choux layer cake and black forest gateau :)

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