Monday, 23 November 2009

Anthony Bourdain's recommendations, part 1

Day 2 and I dragged Ma Chan and Aunty J all the way out to the nether regions of Central to check out a famous dim sum place that I saw in Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" programme. Its called "Leen Heung" and is one of the few ol skool dim sum places left in HK. According to Aunty J, these are called "day mow" (lit. "crawling on the ground") dim sum places which means that they don't cost as much as more upper class establishments. To be honest, the most important thing for me is whether the food tastes good or not and "Leen Heung" has some pretty tasty dim sum. It was also a bit of a trip down memory lane for Ma Chan so glad that she enjoyed lunch!!

Outside of the restaurant - the sash decor above the sign is very traditional Chinese.

Main dining room - even during a weekday, the place was packed...hate to think what it gets like at the weekends!!

There is a small section at the entrance for buying cakes and biccies for take away.

Ma Chan was very happy when she saw this - red bean paste bun with an extra surprise of egg yolk. Apparently very ol' skool and you don't find this in many dim sum places anymore.

Survival of the hungriest - the dim sum is served by ladies with trolleys. Usually, if there is some new stuff being circulated, HKers are quite impatient and will generally rush to said trolley!

Braised pork knuckles

Chicken feet - very rare to find full feet intact, I'm told!!

   Roast pork belly and BBQ pork on rice - sooo good!! Pork belly had a nice smoky flavour as well as fat that melted as soon as you popped a piece into your mouth....mmmm.....and crunchy crackling as well :)

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