Sunday, 29 November 2009

Invite to dinner - Ye Shanghai, TST

After a yummy lunch at Leen Heung, I was invited to an impromptu dinner on the same night by a close HK friend and we ended up having Shanghaiese with her chums at Ye Shanghai, a posh eaterie which is part of the Marco Polo hotel in TST. Pretty nice setting with a lovely view of the new 1881 Heritage luxury shopping mall (mega bling bling!). Food was good but could not fully appreciate cos I was too stuffed from lunch :(

Cold platter including spring roll (a bit limp), celery salad (tasty and refreshing), smoked duck and cold cuts

Stir fried river shrimp - typical Shanghai dish and best served with some black rice vinegar.

Stuffed hairy crab (currently in season)

Braised beef served with typical "mantou" (Chinese steamed bun)

King of Shanghaiese cuisine - siu long bao (lit. little dragon dumplings)

Long beans stir fried with bamboo shoots

 Remnants of dessert (someone else's dish, I was too full to eat any dessert, shock horror!) - mini rice ball dumplings in light syrup

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