Monday, 23 November 2009

Breakfast HK style!

A lot of folk might pop into a "cha chan ting" (HK cafe) for their breakfast - the decor is nothing to write home about but you can get a nice filling meal for around HKD20!! (thats less than 2 squid back home in blighty!) This HK cafe was one we found near where we are staying in Shatin. I plumped for a set which included pineapple bun (brioche-type bun with sweet topping), bowl of macaroni with cabbage and ham and a cup of tea. Be warned though, this is no ordinary cup of tea, this is HK tea which basically translates into tea that is brewed extra long (so pretty strong and bitter) and topped up with evaporated milk......a faux pas on my part.....should have asked for a cup of Lipton red!! :)

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