Monday, 23 November 2009

Hong Kong, ngoh sik! :)

Day 1: Shanghaiese food in Shatin mall. Too hungry to look too far for grub. Food was OK but a little on the pricey side - thats what happen when you want to eat in nice surroundings :)

Chicken marinated in wine sauce (aka. "drunken chicken")- quite tasty but a little too cold, ideally should be served at room temperature.

Stir fried "leen goh" or rice cake with some pork morsels and veg.

Grilled fish - super crispy!

Sweet and sour ribs - too cold when served but had a nice smoky sweet and sour taste!

Vegetable hotpot - OK but unremarkable

Dessert cafe - very popular in HK!!

Mmmm - what to choose??

Mango sago dessert - an old favourite :)

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