Monday, 16 November 2009

back in Blighty....but not for long :)

The next month or so is going to be pretty busy for me, including a fair bit of plane hopping :)

After my stage ended in Paris, I had a few days to pack up my belongings and head back across the Channel. Once back, my week flew by......a lot of things on my plate: 

  • Doing a bit of prep work and experimentation for a wedding cake which I will be making in December - didn't manage to get everything done but have a fair idea of what I am aiming for.
  • Jobhunting - to date, an interview, 2 trials and 1 job this space!
  • Stage - trying to finalise all details for an ultra-short stage in very prestigious place.....fingers crossed!
Despite all the coming and going, I still managed to find some time to indulge in some treats in the big smoke - you don't realise how much you miss familiarity until you have lived away from it for a while....or maybe I am just getting old and stuck in my ways ;)

Some tasty treats from Fortnum & Mason (Paris-Brest and millefeuille) and which are made by the kitchens of Sketch (of Pierre Gagnaire fame). Unfortunately, the contract is ending within a week so no more pastries :(

Korean food fix at new restaurant called Soju, near Piccadilly - went on the recommendation of new Time Out food and drink guide. Food wasn't bad, service pretty non-existent. Food not good enough to warrant a return visit!

Chilling in Bar Italia with a coffee - a favourite haunt :)

Yummy Korean convenience food from Centre Point Food Store above Tottenham Court Road - pork BBQ, all ready to cook and for your enjoyment! ;)

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