Friday, 3 February 2012

Edinburgh dining - Ondine

Despite our trip to Edinburgh being short and sweet, we did manage to squeeze one wee meal in town. After a bit of perusing on the List website (Scottish equivalent of Time Out), we plumped for swish seafood resto in the Old Town, Ondine. Most of the reviews I had read seemed positive and apparently, it was the place where the movers and shakers entertained clients and the like.....was a little worried then that maybe I was a bit underdressed for the occasion but service was friendly, phew! :)

The food overall was pretty good but portions were a little on the small side. Whilst my main of langoustines were lovely and quite reasonable at £21, I was more than a bit miffed to pay 3 squid for literally 10 chips!! Desserts promised a lot but disappointed, my beignets looked tempting upon arrival but it was as if someone had forgotten to add the sugar to the batter and it all tasted of bland deep fried eggy mess. I was also commenting to JD on how they were a little stingy with the chocolate sauce for my beignets and miraculously, a waiter appeared by my side with an extra little jug of sauce. I was little embarrassed but grateful for the extra sauce but sadly, it didn't make the beignets any better, oh wellos....
 Bar in the middle of the resto

 Starter of squid tempura with Vietnamese dipping sauce - tasty!

 Grilled langoustine with garlic butter - yum!!

Eggy tasteless mess, aka. beignets

Loving the teapot :)

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