Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday dinner - Moo Grill

Buoyed on by a craving for steak (and reminiscing about our Argentina hollier), I've been looking around the net for any new Argentinian/steak restos in London to try and came across a relatively newcomer in the City, Moo Grill. Another blogger had raved about the lomitos (steak sandwich) so I was tempted to head over and try one for a late lunch. In the end, I hung on and met JD for dinner instead so the lomito will have to be sampled another day :)

I had rung earlier to make a booking just in case, I wasn't sure whether this was necessary but on arrival, was glad I did cos the place is tiny!! We were greeted with a loud "Amigos!!" and a big smile by our waiter which set the tone for the evening. The resto had a great atmosphere and every customer who arrived was greeted as though they were part of the Moo family - very infectious and definitely brings a smile to your face :)

We started off with empanadas (and the now regular Quilmes for me!) which I had read about being particularly yummy so shared a greedy 4 of them between us: ham and cheese (2 of these bad boys), beef (my fav) and sweetcorn and pepper. They were indeed delicious - if I was really nitpicking, I prefer my empanadas baked rather than deep fried but that wasn't the end of the world :)
Shortly after, our mains arrived......steak and chips accompanied with a couple of salads. The steak was cooked pretty good but could've done with a bit more seasoning. Even though we were stuffed, we still managed to make room and try some desserts, alfajorcitos (had been secretly looking forward to these ever since I spotted them on the menu!) and flan for JD. Again, they weren't bad but did not match the Havanna alfajores we had in BA all those years ago.....
Despite the food not being 100%, we had a great evening and it was really down to our waiter being so cheery and making us smile/laugh ("Perfecto" after every sentence, slagging off JD for not drinking and confessing to having a sly one himself at the beginning of the day, telling us that their coffee was the best in this room but not in the area cos there's a good Italian around the corner!!) There's a lot to be said about good service which isn't exactly found in abundance in London.....will definitely be back for a re-visit in the future. 

Ciao amigos!! :) 

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