Friday, 6 April 2012

Giaconda Dining Room revisit

Ever since our first meal there, we had always planned on going back to Giaconda Dining Room but haven't managed until now. This was due to a few reasons:
  1. I was working out in the burbs until quite recently and was too lazy to come back into town for dinner.
  2. Giaconda is only open from Tuesdays - Fridays so no option for weekend dining.
  3. It is also widely popular and has a small dining room so booking ahead is a must and there have been times when we wanted to go but haven't been organised enough to get a reservation ahead of time.
As it happens, I now work just around the corner from Giaconda giving us the perfect excuse for a re-visit :)

The menu has not changed much since our last visit but still packed with dishes that you want to try - solid cooking at bargain prices! Our dinner was very enjoyable, perhaps the only gripe was our rather gruff waitress who was more interested in being efficient rather than welcoming. Bad service really does stick out like a sore thumb, eeek!
Salad of beetroot and leek vinaigrette - full of flavour and lovely, zingy dressing over fresh salad greens. Perfect start to a meal. 

Roast rack of lamb with gnocchi alla romana - the lamb laid on a bed of ratatouille which was a little too sour for my tastes. The dish was to serve 2 people; it is adequate but fatties like ourselves might find it a little on the small side.

My dessert for white peach vacherin - the scoop of peach sorbet was originally perched on top of the meringues but slid to this position once placed on the table. Tasted great but this picture just reminds me of something lewd instead! (The remnants of a public school education, haha!) 

JD's pud of Délice Joconde

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