Saturday, 21 April 2012


I have read great reviews about Zucca and have been meaning to visit for a while but been put off by the rather long trek to Bermondsey from our pad out west. Zucca is also one of the restos at the mo which is widely popular so practically impossible to get a spot for dinner (at a decent time) unless you are prepared to book 3-4 weeks in advance. We were very keen to try the place hence the putting up with an early dinner reservation on a Saturday night at 6:30pm.

It was our first time walking down Bermondsey Street and we were surprised to find a little, cool neighbourhood.....a bit like Shoreditch but no hipsters and no trying too hard. Zucca itself was lovely, the resto was bright, airy, contemporary and very relaxed - kind of what I imagine River Cafe is like......or would like to be :)

Service was impeccable, food was simple and delicious - hands down the best Italian resto I have eaten in here in the big smoke. If only Zucca were in my neighbourhood!!
Open kitchen :)

Delicious bread - I could've eaten those grissini ALL DAY!!

Starter of pork belly with pea shoots - not what I am used to for pork belly but tasty nonetheless

Roast cod with borlotti beans and clams - fish was very well cooked but the star of the dish was the broth, yummers! Slight gripe in that the dish could've with more than just 2 clams, otherwise don't advertise it on your menu!

We ordered a side of purple spouting broccolli - perfectly cooked and delicious. I loved the purple flecks of juice left on the dish :)

My dessert of hazelnut cake with poached rhubarb - nice but not particularly sophisticated and a slight stodgey end to a meal.

JD's pannacotta with pears - perfect!

Very happy to see Zucca using a Faema machine but disappointed to see the hopper in the coffee grinder filled to brim so the likelihood of getting stale coffee was very high. I was also the first person to order coffee for the night and my espresso wasn't particularly pleasant, oh wellos :(

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