Saturday, 7 April 2012


JD and I have been wanting to try Meat Liquor for a while but we have been put off with the idea of having to queue for a burger, surely nothing can be that good? We happened to be in town at an "awkward" time for eating (ie. think late afternoon/early evening) so decided to try our luck. No queue, yay! The dining room was much larger than I had expected and despite it not being full, it still took them a while to sit us. We finally discovered the secret of the queues for Meat Liquor - it's not because they are ultra-busy....more like they are disorganised.

Food was pretty good - we ordered burgers, chilli fries and onion rings and it was all delish. I only wished that I could've seen what I was eating as opposed to eating lunch/dinner in light that was more suitable for the Bottoms Up Club. One thing that would put me off from a return visit was the fact that staff who were on break could sit next to the customers. It's not such a great deal but was a bit pissed off that there were seats around the corner which they could've sat at rather gossiping right on top of us.

Lovely burgers but beware the lighting and the staff...
 The light in which you will be eating in

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