Friday, 25 May 2012

B-day cake for 100 people!

Just before my trip to HK, I got an email from someone who had been to my friend's nephew's b-day party, saw the bunny cake I had made and asked if I could make her a cake for her upcoming bash.......for 100 people!!! The brief was quite simple, a cake similar to the bunny one in terms of taste but with lots more buttercream! She already had in mind the kind of decoration she wanted and luckily, it wasn't too time consuming (when she mentioned roses on our phone call, I was shuddering with the thought if having to make tonnes of sugarpaste ones!!!)

The final cake was 2 tiered; one vanilla sponge and the other red velvet. The original plan was to have green roses as decoration but I didn't think green buttercream would look all that great with bright red cake so suggested plain buttercream for the red velvet tier. It was all pretty straightforward to make but the buttercream did give me a few hairy moments and the weather wasn't helping either. Note to self: do not take on cake order with lots of buttercream when it's reaching almost 30C out!!

Luckily, the birthday girl was very happy with her cake (plus the fruit tartlets which she also ordered) which was a relief and even sent me the sweetest thank you note after her big day - a small gesture but it made my day :)

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