Thursday, 10 May 2012

Private kitchen dining - Gong Guan (公館)

One of the big crazes to hit the HK dining scene over the last few years has been the proliferation of private kitchens (私家菜). Some of them are literally a few tables and chairs in someone's living room but these days, they are much more sophisticated affairs and are little restaurants that might be in residential blocks or less central locations. My friend D had organised dinner at Gong Guan (公館), located in Sheung Wan so was looking forward to my first private kitchen dining experience :)

As I mentioned before, I was very surprised to find that 公館 was a full-blown restaurant, albeit a small one with little private dining rooms. Decor and service were akin to what you would find in most HK restos. Dinner was a multi-course tasting menu and based on Shanghaiese cuisine - whilst a little pricey (around HKD400 per head and a minimum reservation of 8 people), there was no shortage of food and for the most part, dishes were tasty and well-executed. Definitely recommend peeps try out private kitchen dining in HK, my preference would be to try and find a truly bijou place for my next outing!! Thanks again D for organising :)
Marinated aubergine with crispy pork jerky crumbs

Cold jellyfish in the background. In the foreground, home-made gluten with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wood fungus and star anise - very yummy and substantial vegetarian dish

Tofu served with chopped preserved vegetables

Fresh bamboo shoots with salad dressing - a real treat! :)

Braised marble beef in spicy sauce

My hors d'oeuvres "haul"

Soup or "Heavenly Brew" as described on the menu??!!

 "Celestial Rolls" - aka. pastry wrapped with squab, Chinese mushroom and Chinese ham (金華火腿)

Pork knuckle slow cooked with soy sauce and rose wine (玫瑰露酒) -  玫瑰露 was a little overpowering and alcohol had not been evaporated off :(

Not a looker but delicious - stir fried jumbo scallops!

Chinese cabbage with soymilk broth

Crispy roast chicken, Shanghai style!

Deep fried fish with garlic and seaweed

Stir fried Shanghai style rice pasta

To finish, mini glutinous balls sweet soup

2/F,Fung Woo Building,279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
Tel: 2577 9789


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