Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Petite Amanda

I have been wanting to visit Petite Amanda since my last trip to HK but never had the time to do so last September. For those who don't know, Petite Amanda is a patisserie located in the IFC Mall in Central which is owned by ex-model Amanda Strang. Amanda is half French half Chinese and as far as I know, trained at Cordon Bleu in Paris. More interestingly for me, she was the previous stagiaire at the place where I did my HK stage a few years back - sadly, our paths never crossed!

The shop is tucked away in a corner in between the Apple Store and Starbucks; to be honest, it looks more like a counter than shop and is directly opposite to 2 lifts which is a little weird. Petite Amanda does have seating but it looks like the mall manager has just given them some dead space within the mall rather than a dedicated enclosure. I suppose that's the sacrifice one has to make to get the top-notch location of IFC....

Ba Chan and I popped down for a visit after lunch and bought a couple of cakes to try back home - Vanilla Millefeuille and Amarina (pistachio financier with pistachio mousse and sour cherry jelly). I was sceptical about the millefeuille at first as it looked rather dull but actually tasted delicious, as was the Amarina. Flavours and level of sweetness were just right but cakes were maybe a little bit on the small side, especially when charging close on HKD50 per cake, steep by HK standards.

I actually paid a 2nd visit to Petite Amanda towards the end of my trip with my friend D and the boss herself was at the shop! I never usually do this but did go over to introduce myself and say how much I liked her shop. My mistake was yabbering away to her in Cantonese because during our conversation, I got the feeling she hadn't a clue what I was saying?? Oh wellos, I'll remember to speak English the next time!! :)
Choux on my 2nd visit - slightly disappointed. Looked nice but tasted pedestrian.

Liking the teabag a lot! 

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