Sunday, 6 May 2012

Seoul eats: Gogung and Bon Ga

Ma Chan and I both had a craving for bibimbap so headed to Gogung in Myeongdong, a resto known for its bibimbap. We ordered a set dinner which included 2 bibimbaps, one dolsot and one traditional and a plate of pajeon. We have come to realise in Seoul that this will not be the only food that will arrive at your table but much, much more in the form of various side dishes, soups, and drinks. Dinner cost us a bargain equivalent of 25 squid and we left the resto hugging our tummies stuffed with food!
Helpful display outside the resto - have no fear, there is an English menu available!

Our extra dishes

Pajeon (seafood and scallion pancake) - Ma Chan's choice

Dolsot and traditional bibimbap

Having chowed down a massive dinner at Gogung, I met Won a few hours later and thought we would be heading for a few drinks plus a little snacking. This actually turned into another full blown meal at a resto specialising in "wu sam kyup" (aka. beef belly) called Bon Ga. I only had room to sample a little of what we ordered but all of it was delicious! I even had my first few glasses of the popular soju - tastes like you are drinking neat vodka, not really my cup of tea. Taste wise, I would be happier drinking makkoli but be warned, makkoli gives you TERRIBLE hangovers!! ;)
The platter of salad leaves pictured here (for 2 peeps!) was almost a metre long!! (not to mention our 5-6 other side dishes) Won commented on the fact that while its great to have all this food, most of it is perishable and needs to be thrown away if not eaten, a real shame...

Cooking the "wu sam kyup" - the extractor fan you see above the grill can be pulled further down ensuring that you and your clothes don't smell of BBQ, clever!

Gogung (고궁)
12-14, 2-ga Chungmuro
Seoul (behind the Hotel Se-Jong) 
Tel: 2776 3211

Bon Ga
165-13 Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul
Tel: 2516 3284

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