Saturday, 18 August 2012


We had driven past Arisu a couple of weeks ago. Those who have been and have mentioned it on the net had pretty good things to say about it so I figured we had to give it a shot and see if it might turn out to be our go-to place for Korean in this city :)

The resto is not very big and was full up by the time we arrived on Saturday evening. Bizarrely enough, the customers were very multi-national as we could hear French, Japanese, Spanish and Irish voices in the resto! Korean cuisine has spread far and wide, huh??!! 

Decor is basic, service is not bad (the guy brought us our bucket of charcoal was super-smiley!) and the food is OK too with pretty generous portions for Korean BBQ. We were stuffed after dinner and paid 50-something yoyos for the privilege - around the same as our meagre seafood lunch earlier on in the day. As we were leaving, we noticed that more Korean restos look set to open on the same street - fingers crossed, this will elevate the standard and we will get some top notch Korean food soon :)
Side dishes - not generous but they were free

Kimchi pancake - will not order again. Pancake was more bready than soft batter :(

Our BBQ cooking utensil with extraction similar to what you get in Korea!! (There is also a bucket of charcoal underneath that as opposed to the gas version you will find in Blighty!)

BBQ cooking away - in total, 4 types of meat with 3 rounds of cooking like this!

Dolsot bibimbap - no option of yuk whe but quite tasty. Rice had a nice nutty flavour to it as well :)

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