Friday, 10 August 2012

Paulie's Pizza

JD and I walked past Paulie's PIzza last weekend; having read good things about the place, I made a note that we should try it out some time soon. The resto is not the biggest so it's best to make reservations before you go; they are also closed at lunchtimes so you can only go for dinner. One final point, they can only take reservations for the day which you want to dine so best to call around 4pm on the day. Pretty yummy food, shame they don't serve beer as it would've been a perfect accompaniment to my pizza on a warm summer's evening.
Loving the signed Diego jersey in the corner :)

Starter of pork belly - super good!! Even better than Pizza East!

 Pizzas - not bad but they definitely do not pass the Ba Chan test of "no black stuff on the bottom" - think Pizza East would have the edge here..... 

Panna cotta with fruit compote - tasted good but a little on the firm side. Portion was also too big after an already generous meal of pork belly and pizza.

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