Saturday, 18 August 2012

Seafood lunch - Beshoffs

This weekend, we spent a lazy Saturday in DNS. Having already checked out a farmer's market there, we took advantage of the sunny day and decided to venture further up to Howth for a spot of lunch. Howth has sure changed a lot since the last time we were there with more development around the pier, which is now full of fishmongers and restos. We had a wander and perused the menus before settling for some seafood tapas at Beshoffs. Tapas were served at a bar area within a large, airy shop with a fish stall and other goodies. The building itself was lovely and lunch was OK but not a patch on the seafood tapas we had earlier on in the year here. Portions were not exactly generous here and our bill was over 50 yoyos compared with the 30 yoyo bargain in Spain. The quest for affordable and good quality dining out options in this country continues......
Fried calamari - tasty but sauce was looking it was an accident on the plate. Probably would've been better in a separate container.

Pretty mean looking portion of crab claws - only 5! Minute tapas portion charging un-tapas like prices €8.95 for these bad boys?!!

The rip off continues; monkfish and serrano ham brochettes with salsa verde. 4 tiny bits of fish for 8 yoyos? And one of my pieces was only half cooked. 

Patatas bravas - looked the part but there was spicy kick in the tomato sauce 

Scallop gratin with breadcrumbs and tomatoes - not a looked but didn't taste too bad once you managed to dig out the scallop (1 split into 3 pieces)

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