Sunday, 8 March 2009

Asian food fix - L'Arbre de Sel and Kadoya

I never used to understand why my parents insisted on going back to HK and China all the time for their holidays. Since annual leave used to be a prized commodity for me of sorts, I used to use it to go and visit as many different places in the world and would rarely return to the same holiday destination. One of the reasons my parents always head out East is because of the food and now being in Paris, I am having similar feelings and am constantly on the search for good Asian food, maybe its just part of my DNA?

As we usually finish late on Wednesday, I decided to for a Korean dinner (to lick my "pastry" wounds post-lab!) before heading home. The restaurant of choice, L'Arbre de Sel is literally down the road from school which was handy. The menu was varied but again, I went for my old favourite, dolsot bibimbap. This was a marked improvement on the version I had a few weeks ago - firstly, there were more than just a few morsels of meat on top of my rice; secondly, at least the pot was almost two-thirds full of goodies and thirdly, it was mighty tasty (there were much more diverse veggies including some lotus root and shitake mushroom). At last, we have a strong contender for good Korean in Paris!

Having wandered up to Paris' Little India (in the 10th, near La Chapelle metro) on Saturday morning, I had grand plans to have lunch there but a mixture of apprehension and bad timing (do not try to find a table at 1pm on Saturday afternoon!) meant that I would have to try another day. A metro ride later, I ended up in le Quartier Japonais for a quick and satisfying lunch of ramen, gyoza and calpico at Kadoya (on the corner of rue St-Anne and rue Petits Champs). For all you Brits out there, they call calpico the original Japanese name here in Paris, "karupisu" - the similarity in pronunciation to cow piss is lost on Parisians, clearly! :)     

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