Monday, 9 March 2009

Pho 14 - don't believe the hype!

My original plan had been to grab some groceries from Tang Frères and then a quick bite to eat next door at Tang Gourmet before heading to the cinema to catch the 2nd Mesrine film (very slow, more violence and Vinz looking fairly rotund, having piled on 20kgs for the role - am undecided about his performance). Unfortunately,  Tang Frères was shut on Monday (char!) so no groceries. Then I suddenly remembered that I was only down the road from Pho 14 so decided to go there for grub instead. I had walked past it a couple of weekends ago on a Sunday afternoon and was gobsmacked when I saw the queue snaking out the front door and onto the pavement, first thought was that it must be pretty amazing pho, right? Since I didn't really fancy queuing, I figured 5pm on a Monday afternoon was an OK time? I did get a table but the place was still maybe 80% full, impressive. The same could not be said about the pho, I'm afraid. Pho Mui is still my top choice, with a fuller flavoured stock, larger portions and marginally friendlier staff.

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