Monday, 23 March 2009

Thank Crunchie, its Friday

I was very relieved to reach Friday this week past. Despite the early start, it was lovely to be able to spend 6 hours in the calmness of the boulangerie lab. We switched sides with the other class in lab who were practicing using the other oven for their exams this coming summer. As usual, there was a buzz of activity of everyone making and shaping baguettes. In addition, our group made some walnut, raisin and prune bread (sadly, a little overbaked due to an over-hot oven), some bread wreaths and "flammekueche"/"tarte flambée", traditionally a savoury pastry from Alsace which is covered with cheese, lardons and onions (ours included some sundried tomatoes and coriander!). The flammekueche proved to be hugely popular with the rest of our class, not to mention the other class in lab who were quick to rush over and exchange some of their bread (had been hoping for some of their "mignon" hedgehog-shaped pain au lait but no such luck!) for some slices! Boulangerie continues to be one of my favourite classes and it can be attributed to having a brilliant chef to learn from who teaches us the fundamentals of breadmaking, encourages us to try something different each lesson and somehow manages to achieve everything in a very laid-back manner, total mustard! :)

Was very excited about heading back to London this weekend and be able to meet up with loved ones, family and friends. I managed to get my Asian food fix by having Chinese for dinner on Friday at Plum Valley (OK for dim sum but avoid dinner at all costs!). I then met my friend ("la chilanga") for lunch on Saturday and we plumped for Malaysian at Rasa Sayang (very nice, will be going back). Finally, JD and I had a celebratory post-6 Nations Thai dinner at the Old Park Horse including some very spicy pad kee mao, yummy!

As usual, the weekend was too short and before I knew it, it was back on the Eurostar heading back across the Manche. The break was lovely, it has also helped me put the evaluation which I received on Thursday into perspective so I can now move on and just continue to keep trying my best :)


IF said...

Hi there, I have been following your blog weekly, and find the experience fascinating. I am keeping my fingers crossed to be accepted, and heard from Stephanie yesterday that the letters will be sent out at the end of this month...I must say, having lived in Hong Kong for a total of 7 years now, it is going to be a MAJOR cultural change for me......I see you catch the metro to, I just get on the escalator from Mid-Levels to Central, and it takes 7 minutes (including getting my morning coffee!!!!) - still I am so excited about the prospect, I cant think of much else. Keep writing, it is great inspiration to those wanting to do the same...Jason

little-chan said...

howdy Jason,
best of luck with your application - lemme know how you get on!
glad you like the blog also :)