Monday, 2 March 2009

Pierre Hermé & Marché Président-Wilson

Just a brief entry to say that I popped into Pierre Hermé after school on Friday afternoon to pick up some macaroons and noticed that they were selling the same "tarte au café" (mini and normal size) that we had made a few weeks ago (see "ESCF - Week 2" entry)! Personally, I think our tarts looked better than theirs but maybe I'm just biased!

Since arriving in Paris, I have only managed to visit one market, Marché des Enfants Rouges which didn't exactly float my boat. I think I went in the middle of the week and only half of the stalls were open. My opinion of markets changed dramatically this weekend when we went to Marché Président-Wilson on Saturday morning. This was a much more impressive market which spans most of Boulevard Wilson, and is choc-a-bloc with every kind of food stall (seafood, meat, fruit & veg, cheese, charcuterie, rotisserie, snails, oysters, picnic food), as well as a handful of amazing flower stalls. I went a bit trigger happy with the ol' camera, have just posted some of my pics here, including things I have never seen before such as fresh garlic and black carrots. Speaking of black carrots, I only found out after visiting the market that it is also the home of vegetable grower extraordinaire,  Joël Thibault - it is him that grows the black carrots and knarly looking toms!

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