Friday, 6 March 2009


After 2 weeks of "ly-ins" on a Friday morning, it was back to getting up at the crack of dawn this morning for our weekly dose of breadmaking. Actually, you don't notice that you're tired once you're in lab because we are constantly working on the different stages of making various types of bread and chef (different to patisserie) is a great teacher, very chilled out and a master moulder of bread dough!

Today we made baguettes again (the fastest type, taking around 3 hours!) and shaped some of the dough into "petits pains" as well. Then in pairs, we all made a different type of bread (rye, wholewheat, bran, pain de mie) as well as trying our hand at shaping and plaiting brioche. Early start and lots to cover but the result was some delicious bread and we even finished early so our weekends started early, most enjoyable! 

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