Sunday, 15 March 2009


The school opened its doors to the general public this weekend for its annual "Journée Porte Ouverte (JPO)", also known as open day, which meant we had a few extra visitors for boulangerie on Friday, as well as having to turn up to school on Saturday for a half day.

Boulangerie was a lot of fun as usual; as well as learning to make traditional French baguettes, chef allowed us to make other breads as a bonus since it was open day. Some of my classmates opted to make savoury favourites such as olive bread and chorizo bread. I was the only one to attempt a sweet bread, a HK favourite, 菠蘿包 (pineapple bun). I was a little nervous about making it since it was my first time and I'd never watched Mum when she used to make them. However, they turned out pretty well and got some nice compliments about how pretty they looked, smelled and tasted, woohoo! :)

Our class decided to split into 2 for Saturday open day with 5 of us coming for the morning and the 2nd 5 doing the afternoon shift. I had plumped for the morning which meant another early start (my ly-in on Sunday is going to be well-earned!) - it was OK as we were kept busy, finishing off our Mont Blanc, making Flan Parisien and then making marzipan roses.

After we finished, I went for a quick stroll around the rest of the school and also popped into the Anglo Cuisine class. It was really interesting as their chef had allowed them to make a dish from their own country so there was a global spread laid out for visitors, including frikandellen (Dutch deep fried veal meatballs), American BBQ (think it was pulled pork), shrimp tacos from Mexico, 5-vegetable sushi from Japan and a very inventive and delicious oxtail reduction  on a rice cracker from Venezuela (inspired by "sopa de rabo"). All of the food was really delicious, as the empty plates will testify!  

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