Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hanging out with friend - Dragon-I

Was flicking through on the magazines in the hotel and came across a recommendation to go to Dragon-I for dim sum. My good HK friend, D, also spoke highly of the place (she also recommends the weekday all you an eat dim sum!) so decided to head there for some Sunday lunch. Loads of ex-pats hanging out, most likely cos of the location (above Lan Kwai Fong), nice decor and English menu. Food itself was OK, ordered a bunch of dishes to sample including some recommendations, helpfully indicated in the menu as bein "KA" (aka. kick arse) :) 
Funky giant birdcage outside Dragon-I - hip dim sum place by day, funky bar at night.

Inside the dining room/bar

Cute teapot :)

Dim sum staple - turnip cake

Spring rolls

Vegetable rice paper rolls (cheung fun)

"KA" BBQ-pork buns (cha xiu bao)

Simple stir fried Chinese broccoli (gai lan)

"KA" prawn dumpling (ha gow)

Fried noodles with pork and beansprouts - only dud dish of the afternoon.

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