Saturday, 8 May 2010

Brighton eating - Jamie's Italian

For our final meal in Brighton, we decided to try out Jamie Oliver's new chain of restaurants, Jamie's Italian. It was conveniently located on the street next to our hotel meaning that we could pop in for lunch and then pick up our bag after before heading home. The restaurant was packed to the gills at lunchtime - cue "ka ching" for Mr Oliver!!

The decor of the restaurant was not what I was expecting at all - it reminded me more of a US steakhouse than rustic Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good though, a notch better than Carluccios but not cheap. I'm glad we got to try out the restaurant in Brighton but am not sure whether I would make the trip across town to the Canary Wharf branch when back in London :)
  Our starters of antipasti board and rustic tomato soup - our table was too small to fit everything so we were provided with a couple of canned tomatoes so the antipasti could then perch on them!

My main of clam linguini - very nice and the addition of cherry tomatoes and chilli gave it an extra oompf :)

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