Monday, 31 May 2010

Etxeko Jana, part 2

I don't think we have ever been on holidays somewhere and gone back to the same restaurant twice but there were a few reasons for us going back to Etxeko Jana:
  • as mentioned before, not that many great recoms for dinner in Bilbao (at a reasonable price)
  • the night we were there before, the table behind us shared a lovely steak which I had a craving for
  • I wanted to get to dessert the 2nd time around!
So we decided to head back to Etxeko Jana on our last night in town.....again the restaurant was very quiet (it opened at 9pm and people did not start arriving until around 10pm) and at one point I was even thinking what a shame it was that not more people were eating here!!

Anyhoo, we ordered more sensibly this time and had another lovely dinner before rolling out the door and waddling back to our hotel :)
Galician style octopus with paprika and olive oil - not bad but very large pieces and some a little on the chewy side!

Ham croquettes - tasty but would've been even nicer if they were piping hot (which they were not)

What we came back for, chuletón - T-bone steak for 2 served with chips and side salad..mmmm!

My dessert of puff pastry custard slice with vanilla ice cream 

JD's dessert of Basque caramelised cream cake

I have not seen Etxeko Jana being recommended in many of the guidebooks or blogs which I have come across but if you happen to be visiting Bilbao any time soon, I do recommend you pop in for dinner at least once if not twice :)

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