Monday, 24 May 2010


After a gruelling 4-consecutive double shift stint (64 hours+), it was time for a couple of days rest and also some nice food. After a bit of research on the interweb, I found out that there was a nice Japanese restaurant a couple of tube stops away from us (Ealing Common) so we decided to try it out a couple of Friday nights back. The restaurant is called Kiraku and serves izakaya-style (Japanese pub) food as well as some nice sushi and sashimi. Nice meal and very polite service.......would definitely recommend it over our other local, Tosa and price wise, very reasonable :)
Grilled mackerel with salt - a simple dish but always very tasty. The one we had at Asakusa was probably a little better but this version wasn't too bad. The long white and pink specimen was some kind of pickled ginger, methinks?

Boiled spinach with sesame

Shishamo (smelt fish) - was introduced by my Korean friend as a popular izakaya snack. The fish are grilled and then you eat them whole. These were really yummy and way better than the ones I had at Sakura......JD wasn't a great fan though 

Grilled aubergine with sweet miso sauce - nice but the miso is too sweet for me - have never been able to fully appreciate this dish

Fried chicken (tori karagge)

Soft shell crab roll

I can't remember the name of this but it was very good - eel, cucumber, egg and tobiko roll

Zaru udon

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