Saturday, 8 May 2010

Brighton eating - Riddle and Fins

Since we were by the sea, it seemed fitting that our one dinner in Brighton would be in a fish/seafood restaurant. After a bit of research on the web, we decided to head to Riddle and Fins - a popular champagne/seafood bar. We had a bit of a problem trying to find it in the afternoon (it is situated in the Lanes which is a warren of windy pedestrianised streets) but after a bit of guidance from the hotel reception, we found it no problem come dinnertime.

It was a lot more casual than I had expected (the whole of Brighton just has a laidback vibe though) - food was great but service was a little haphazard. I'm never too fussy about service generally but you definitely notice it when you get bad service :)
JD's starter of pan fried squid with chilli sauce - some of the best squid he has ever eaten, very fresh and super tender

My starter of crab cakes - nice but not outstanding (I really wanted to try their razor clams but unfortunately, they were not on the menu on the night)

 JD's main of crab linguini - nice but not "Sardo" nice :)

 My main of pan fried skate with caper butter - very simple but so delicious

JD's dessert of chocolate brownie - OK but my version is better and more chocolatey :)

My dessert of rhubarb pannacotta - perfect flavourwise, the only minor flaw was that it was not wobbly enough!!

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