Thursday, 29 September 2011

8號風或 eating

In all the times that I've come to HK for my holliers, I have never experienced a 8號風或 (aka. Typhoon Number 8 typhoon warning signal)......that is, until now! Ma Chan and I had noticed a Typhoon Number 3 warning signal the previous day when we were at the HK Museum of History. At the time, we didn't think much of it since it was looking pretty calm outside and peeps were going about their normal business. I only realised the severity of 8號風或 when Jools informed me that it was standard for most people to not bother going to work when this takes place. In fact, its the Government's recommendation to stay inside and wait it out. Sods Law that we get a 8號風或 on the day of Pa Chan's 60th b-day which meant that the party that had been organised was postponed until the following day since it was very likely that no-one would actually be able to make it to the party venue, as well as the fact that there probably wouldn't be anybody serving us either????

With sheets of rain pouring down outside and life practically grinding to a halt, we needed to stay local for grub.....well, for lunch at least so Ma Chan and I headed to a nearby noodle place near where my bro lives for a spot of 雲吞麵 - very tasty, filling and dirt cheap. It really is pretty easy to eat well out here for next to nothing, a real luxury. Having a goo around the noodle place made me realise just how handy it is to know some Chinese.....even just to read the signs posted around. Of course, I am no expert in this area - I have enough to get by but I can only imagine how hard it might be for someone with no knowledge.....those were just my musings during lunch which I seem to be prone to doing a lot this trip.....
Tea in various guises - take your pick!! (milk or lemon, hot or cold, with or without sugar)

As the day wore on, the wind and rain much so that the warning was then reduced to typhoon warning no. 4 (a lot tamer in comparison to 8) which meant that we could start venturing further afield. Since we didn't want Pa Chan to be celebrating alone on the actual day on his b-day, we all met up in Shatin and had a family dinner - an EXTREMELY rare occasion for the Chan clan!! :)
Roast duck

 八珍豆腐 (aka. 8 treasure tofu pot)

 Sweet and sour pork - a Chan clan favourite!! :)

 芥蘭 (Chinese broccoli) braised in stock

 Satay fatty beef with vermicelli pot

B-day cake - 生日快樂爸爸! :)

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