Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Goodman City

Wowzer!! Has another month gone by already?? So.....having heard rave reviews from my bro, JD and I had this month's anniversary dinner at upmarket steak eatery, Goodman. Our intention was to try and get a table at the resto in Mayfair but after a bit of hesitation, we found that they were fully booked on the night we wanted to go so I decided to make the trek out to my old stomping ground (handier for JD since he only had to cross a bridge from work to dinner) and try out Goodman City.

So much for double deep recession/credit crunch, the place was heaving and packed with supposedly bankers with deep pockets/corporate cards despite it being mid-week! The menu was pretty straightforward but there was a bewildering array of different steaks to choose from. After a lengthy explanation form our waitress and much mmm-ing and aaah-ing on my part (as well as scratching of the chin!), we finally plumped for a 1kg bone-in ribeye Longhorn to share. We had been warned by our waitress that there was a lot of eating in this cut so we would need to be extra hungry (which we were) so we went without starters and ordered a few sides with our hunk of meat: mac & cheese, chips and spinach. So how was it? Pretty good but the waitress exaggerated what a huge feed it was - JD's first comment when it arrived was, "We've had bigger!" The meat was first rate and cooked well, the sides were well-executed - I thought the addition of truffle oil to the mac & cheese was a nice touch, JD less so. I suppose my only reservation was that I have yet to get that same feeling of satisfaction after a big feed of steak in London than I have had in other cities in the world (namely, BA, Florence or even Bilbao) - maybe the fact that I've been on holidays in these other places added to the dining experience more so than just going for a meal here in the big smoke. Anyhoo, the search continues for a similar dining experience - have already earmarked a resto for next month, roll on October!! :)
Plush surroundings, you knows you're in the City, huh?

My treat was that I got the big bone on the left, yay!!

 Only got pic of 1 side - mac & cheese. The chips were good but not Medlar good!

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