Wednesday, 28 September 2011

蓮香樓 re-visit

One of the highlights of my last trip to HK was lunch at 蓮香樓 with Ma Chan and my aunty J. My bro had mentioned that he would be interested in going there to have lunch so my re-visit was set (see here for previous blog entry). The day we picked to go, we arrived at 12:30pm to find the place absolutely rammed with hungry diners - I also forgot that the table policy was all about finding a table, standing by it and waiting until diners vacate some seats and then you pounce for the space!! Having been brought in blighty, it didn't exactly feel very natural for us to be pouncing for seats so we decided to return the following day and make sure we got there early to avoid this experience :) 

We did manage to find our seats pretty quickly and even around 11am, the place was still ticking over!! The dim sum was still pretty good (but as I later found out in the day, pretty ladened with MSG) and it was cool to experience dining in surroundings from another era - since I was sat by the main walkway, I was designated by my bro to go chasing after trollies for food!! It was a most enjoyable lunch - my lasting memory was not of the food but of an old lady who was sitting on the same table as us who smiled at me just before she left with who we thought was her son (Ma Chan had commented earlier that she must be very lucky to have a son who will take her out and look after her) - random act of kindness by a stranger which touched me :)
 Malay steamed sponge cake (馬拉糕), deep fried pastry with shrimp and pork (鹹水角), steamed bean curd roll ((鮮竹捲), chicken feet (鳳爪)

 Chinese rice sheet rolls with dried shrimp (腸粉)

 Chinese on the right hand side advertising for duck leg, rice and soup - according to Ma Chan, very popular back in the day. I reminded her why she used to scold us when we were young when we wanted to add soup to our rice, just like this dish?? She replied that there was nothing wrong with it but at the time, she was worried that it might not be good for our digestion since the rice would head straight into our tummies without us chewing on it a little.....

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