Monday, 5 September 2011

Tapped and Packed 114

I had first heard about this cafe (well, this branch) on the Timeout website around a month ago (turns out that we've walked passed the original branch on the way to Charlotte Street a good few times but never went in) and since I had an impromptu Monday off, decided to check it out. I plumped for a latte plus a slice of lemon poppyseed cake. The coffee was pretty good and much stronger than most lattes that are served out there. The cake was pretty awful, despite the fact that I could see that there was lots of zest in the cake, it tasted of nothing. It also didn't help that I knew I had a pretty yummy lemon drizzle (albeit 2 days old) back home to compare it too......I rarely blow my own trumpet but I only managed to eat half of cake in the cafe and was more than relieved to head home and scoff a slice of my own :)

Love the decor of the cafe tho!

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