Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sushi Hiro

Visiting HK always means catching up with my good friend, D (thats assuming, she's not off travelling the globe hehe!!) and this time was no different. I had heard good things about Sushi Hiro so thats where we headed for dinner and a good ol' chinwag :)

The resto is pretty small and located in Causeway Bay, right between Sogo on the main drag and Times Square. The food was good and the fish was pretty fresh but felt a little disappointed compared to the place D took me to the last time I was in town (Sushi Sawa). D then told me that Sushi Hiro is more authentic whereas Sushi Sawa has tweeked their food to be more suitable for local palates......I just thought the food at the latter was a little more exciting.....anyhoo, it was cool to catch up over some decent grub!!
 Appetiser of whelk and tofu - this was also accompanied by a glass of plum wine which was sparkling and yummy!!

 Sashimi and sushi (part of my dinner set)

 Funny pickled seaweed stuff

There were also tempura, soup and a few grilled dishes which I forgot to take pics off, apologies.....highlight of the dinner had to be dessert which were these fantastic Japanese peaches - super sweet, juicy and fragrant, yum :)

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