Saturday, 3 March 2012


Having been turned away for dinner the previous night, JD and I decided to try again and see if we could snag a table for lunch at Àpat. Result! Luck was back on our side :)

Àpat holds a special place in our hearts as it was one of the restos we went to the last time we were in Barcelona. It was near the beginning of our holiday and I had already picked out another resto for dinner on the night. Unfortunately, the resto we were heading to had closed down so we found ourselves wandering the streets looking for an alternative place to eat. JD was drawn to Àpat, partly due to the bright lights at the front of the resto. I remember thinking at the time, it doesn't really look like a resto but we took a chance and went in. I don't remember exactly what we ate that night but we both agreed that it was a great meal (despite not knowing what we ordered either since the menu was all in Catalan!!) and if we were ever back in Barcelona again, we would have to go back!

Fast forward 8 years and here we were back for Saturday lunch. The dining area is contemporary with the food matching it in style. We plumped for a 3 course lunch which was a steal at 24 yoyos given the quality - maybe the one dampener was the desserts which didn't blow us away. Still, a very nice meal and a bit of a hidden gem - one that the locals aren't exactly keen to reveal! ;)
Amuse of hummus, red pepper and anchovy

My starter of guinea fowl salad with cous cous

 JD's starter of smoked mozzarella ravioli

Mar i Muntanya example - Roasted monkfish with artichokes, baby squid and white beans 

 Mar i Muntanya continued: black rice with cuttlefish and mussels

Sacher de l'Àpat - chocolate cake with apple, raspberry foam and apricot sorbet. Cake a little on the dry side.

Pa de pesseic - at the time, I thought it was bread and butter pudding but just found out it is a Catalan sponge cake. This one is made with dark brown sugar and served with cream and citrus sorbet. Cake again too dry.

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