Saturday, 3 March 2012

Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer is a renowned pastry chef (also ex-El Bulli) and was a name which cropped up on a Chowhound board which I read prior to our trip. He has a bakery and separate chocolate shop which was within walking distance from our hotel (well, the chocolate shop at least!) so of course, we had to pay a visit!

The shop is located is a swish part of town and pretty bijou in size. The other thing which was surprising was how hot the interior was (given the fact that it was a chocolate shop!). Unfortunately, all the chocolates were sold in pre-packed boxes so there was no option of mixing and matching. We plumped for a few 12-bonbons boxes plus some tablettes. There were also some enticing boxes of specaloos biscuits which we didn't buy given their short shelf life.  Whilst the cakes in the display did look nice, they were not as refined or tempting as those of PH - a surprise given all the accolades that have been been showered on Balaguer, I was expecting more....

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