Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seafood tapas - Jai Ca

JD and I have jetted off to Barcelona for a long weekend for a bit of RnR (well, more applicable to JD than yours truly). After an earlyish flight, we arrived just in time for a late lunch (read normal time for lunch for the locals) at 2ish and headed to Barceloneta in search of some seafood tapas. My Rough Guide had recommended a place called Jai Ca which was where we headed and it didn't disappoint. We were lucky to grab some seats by the bar and arrived just in time cos shortly after, the place was packed! We didn't have the friendliest of waiters but managed to get what we wanted by simply pointing and nodding mostly once we got his attention. The food fresh and tasty and a great start to our culinary adventures in Barcelona ;)

Our bill with a couple of soft drinks and a coffee came to just 30 yoyos which was a bargain considering how much ate!! Portions were generous and the bill would easily have been double that had we eaten in the likes of Barrafina back home!
A busy lunchtime!

 Display of cooked and raw seafood by the bar. Cooked stuff is reheated (don't worry, everything is cooked to perfection!) and raw stuff is cooked to order.

Deep fried baby squid (Xipirons) - could easily have eaten another plate of these!! (the couple sitting next to us did exactly that!)

Fried anchovies (boquerones) - nice but a tad on the fishy side and not a worthy competitor to the ones we had in Malaga at El Tintero all those years ago!!!

 Razor clams a la plancha with garlic and parsley - yum! (bar a rogue one with some sand)

More squid (Chocos)

Patatas bravas

Meat empanada

Prawn envy - our neighbour digging into some lovely looking and smelling prawns!! (next time, sigh!)

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