Monday, 19 July 2010

Homebaking experiment 2

One of the first pieces of cake that I tasted in Paris last year was a yummy matcha flavoured sponge filled with red bean paste at Zen Zoo. Having found a recipe for green tea cupcakes in a recipe book which I bought from HK, I decided to have a go at my own version of said sponge.

I used the cupcake recipe to bake 2 sponges in sandwich tins - then took the lazy route and bought ready made red bean paste from the Japan Centre for the filling, along with some freshly whipped cream. For the raspberry coulis, I used Ottolenghi's raspberry jam recipe - it tasted good but unfortunately, it was too runny to cover the top of the cake so I served it as a separate sauce instead.

The cake was tasty, moist and not too sweet. The flavour combinations of red bean paste and green tea were always going to work, but more surprisingly, the raspberry worked too. The only problems this time were presentation so am going to try baking it in an oblong pan next time for a more regular shape and perhaps making the sponge layers thinner or the filling thicker, probably the former as the cake is quite dense and the whole combo is quite rich!  A semi-success story!! :)

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