Friday, 23 July 2010

Homebaking experiment - scones

I have to be honest and admit that I've never been a big fan of scones. Mind you, I think I'm very much in the minority on this one so for the sake of my "grand project", I decided to have a go at making not just 1 batch but 2! The 1st type were typical fruit scone that you will find at afternoon teas (recipe courtesy of Gary Rhodes with Ma Chan tweeks) and the 2nd type was similar to a white soda bread recipe (from my new cookbook purchase, "Tartine").
Scone 1 turned out OK but got a little confused during the making of them - I only used half of the amount of milk needed and the dough was already a mushy mess? After the dough is actually made, it needs to be rested for 10-15 immediate thoughts were, to put or not to put into the fridge? Alas, Ma Chan was not on hand to advise to 1st 5 minutes were spent outside followed by next 10 minutes in the fridge......I was told later that there was no need to put into the fridge (d'oh!) so am thinking now that might have affected the rising......mmmm...
Scone 2 also worked out well so comparing started after both batches were out of the oven. I realised after much pondering that it really is an unfair comparison cos its a bit like comparing apples and pears - the textures are completely different. Scone 1 smells deliciously buttery both uncut and cut, tastes good but was a little on the dense side. All I need to figure out now is whether that was due to my dough handling or the actual recipe.... Scone 2 smelt good uncut but a little strong on soda when cut. It tastes a lot lighter than Scone 1 and has great contrast with the crunchy crust on the outside. The downside is that Scone 2 turns dry and crumbly overnight whereas Scone 1 holds up pretty well.
No absolute winner for me, I think its more a question of personal taste :)   

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