Friday, 23 July 2010

Homebaking - Fruit galettes

I've been trying to make the most of my free time (not much of it left now!!) of late and try out as many recipes as poss. As mentioned in my previous post, the book of choice for me at the mo is Tartine so I decided to brave another recipe from it. Initially, I really wanted to try making the Lemon Cream Tart but not being able to get hold of tartlet rings put a stop to that cunning plan. Instead, I decided to have a go at their Fruit Galettes mainly cos they looked pretty tempting from the pics in the book! It also involved me getting to grips with making a type of pastry which I was unfamiliar with so the challenge was on!! The recipe called for flaky pastry which I found later is a bit like puff pastry in terms of flakiness but without the ability to puff to the dizzy heights of proper puff. The method was not hard, just a little messy and was getting a little miffed in the process with my butter blobs sticking to my rolling pin, grrr! The recipe recommended using fruits such as apricots, nectarines and cherries for the galettes which I pretty much ignored and decided to make half with JD's recom (plums) and half with my idea of strawberry. I chose strawberry partly cos they are in season at the moment and also cos I wanted to see whether they tasted any more intense if they have been baked/roasted?

Everything went as planned.....well, until the galettes were baking in the oven and my strawberry batch decided to spew out lots of juice onto the floor of the oven, grrrr! Since I had ran out of foil at that exact moment, the only way of preventing more juice escaping was to fold up the sides of the parchment and pray ;)

The verdict? A bit rustic looking on the appearance side, pretty impressive pastry (even if I do say so myself!!), more sugar needed to be added to the fruit but otherwise, am happy :)
Maybe a bit labour intensive for my "grand project" so something to ponder......

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