Friday, 23 July 2010

Local Thai: Thai 101 Kitchen

JD and I decided to try out a local Thai resto, 101 Thai Kitchen for a pre-cinema dinner after I had read a positive review for it on a food blog. (sorry, can't remember which blog, have been doing a LOT of surfing in my free time and unemployed state!) We were due to go to the 8:30pm showing of Inception so I figured 7pm should give us plenty of time to have some grub and then get to the silver screen. 

Our dinner started off well......I had some yummy fish cakes which tasted more home-made than bought in which is always a good sign. JD plumped for the hot and sour soup with ribs.....not much to look at but a very tasty bowl of soup and a ton of ribs as well! Then things went a little downhill, especially the 20 minute between starters and mains. Unfortunately, we had both ordered mains which required a "bit of work", especially my crab on the got to 8:15pm and I had just finished my 1st piece so decided to forego the cinema and eat the rest of my crab ;)

JD had a main of fish jungle curry, very tasty but a bit of a hassle to eat since the fish was served whole. I ordered the curry crab - also very tasty but the biggest pain in the ass to eat as the cook hadn't bothered to crack any of the pieces.....the biggest duff note of our meal was the fact that the crab wasn't fresh which meant every piece of flesh was stubbornly stuck to the shell, grrrr!!!!

Despite everything, the meal wasn't so bad and we might even think of trying it again on another night......just not when we will be heading to the flicks!
Super sweet but super good longan drink

Fish cakes

Hot & sour soup with ribs

Fish jungle curry

Curry crab

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