Friday, 27 August 2010

1 month done and dusted

Time really has flown and I can't believe that I have already done a month at my new job! So far, everything has been going really well and a steep learning curve "comme d'hab" with any new job. My productivity is slowly increasing and I'm slowly finding my way around the kitchen more efficiently which is encouraging. My "doneness-meter" (ie. gauge of whether something is cooked properly) is still needing some fine tuning but hopefully that will come with a bit more experience and then, finger crossed my cakes will look less hacked at!!

I ended the week with a slight mishap with some food colouring whilst making the filling for a cheesecake - I think we should probably put a correction to the recipe in future that says something along the lines of "Add in the food colouring SLOWLY into the mixer or face an explosion of colouring in your face"! Not only did my whites get massacred but I managed to get colouring on my face, neck and arms!! Check out the aspiring serial killer!! Luckily, I was able to pop home for lunch for a scrub down :)

One of my bosses thought it was hilarious so a pic of my whites are now posted on the shop's Twitter account ;)

Am hoping for more of the same over the next few months for the new job, just happy at this point that I have finally found a pretty cool place to work at :) 

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