Friday, 20 August 2010

Local discovery: Canta Napoli

We have been falling back into our bad weekend habits of eating out and not cooking much at home :(

Since JD is back training for another run in a few weeks time, we decided to try somewhere local after his gym sesh. I had noticed a sign on the high street advertising an Italian resto and first impressions were not good. However, after a bit of digging on the interweb, Canta Napoli looked like it might not be too bad so we decided to risk it for a Friday dinner. We arrived around 9ish and were lucky to land a table as the dining room was still pretty busy!

Food was really lovely as local restos, but their pannacotta is still no contest for Sardo's!
Starter of beef carpaccio - nice and simple, not sure if that gigantic wedge of lemon was needed?!

Some delicious garlic and rosemary pizza bread...

The base would also get Pa Chan's seal of approval haha!! :)

Special main of ravioli stuffed with seafood - a few were a little underdone but in general, it was pretty tasty :)

Mmmm......too stiff and not enough wobble :(

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