Monday, 9 August 2010

Back to a shop :)

After a brief hiatus of c.1 month, I am finally back in gainful employment, woohoo! I've just started my 3rd week and so far, so good:
  • I am a stone's throw away from work so no more commuting and I save on transport costs
  • I am back working in a shop which means early(ish) starts but no more middle of the night finishes
  • Its a small business so I get to work closely with the owners and hopefully, can learn a lot from them and not just in the kitchen
  • Its nice to be back in the kitchen making stuff, bringing it up to the shop and seeing people buying what you have just made :)
  • The cakes we make are very different to what I did at school or at any of the places I have worked at to date........think more hearty and rustic
Definitely good to be back working again and with some genuinely nice folk, a rarity in the workplace!! All I need to sort out now is getting a decent night's sleep :(

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