Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Here we go round the mulberry bush.....

One of my bosses was invited to go and visit a 300 year old mulberry bush this week and pick any fruit that it might still have. He was getting pretty excited cos apparently, the older the tree/bush, the larger the fruit. Since it was close to the shop, I went along with him one morning armed with buckets thinking that we would come back with a substantial haul to bake with. Alas, no :(

The tree was pretty impressive looking but there was next to no fruit (we were the first people to arrive and even after a bit of a head start, we only managed a paltry 20-something berries! Some other folks were also invited along and one of them suggested that we head further down to the road to another mulberry tree to try our luck - the 2nd tree was much better but we were only a relatively small amount of time for picking.......lots of fun and I am looking forward to planting my own mulberry bush when we finally get a house with a garden :)
The 300 year old beast!

Not a great harvest!

Our puny haul :(

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