Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oldie but a goodie - Falamanki

Ever since I came back to live and work proper in the big smoke, I have always been fond of Lebanese food. I was first introduced to the cuisine (and the delights of Edgware Road) many years ago by a friend from my MSc who had told me the food was really fantastic and even directed me to some of the nicer places to go. One of the first restos she ever took me to was Al Dar on Edgware Road. There are several branches around town and the closest one to where we live is in High Street Ken - this particular branch is no longer called Al Dar but renamed as Falamanki last year. Thankfully, the only change was to the name and the food has remained delish :)

As usual, we ate like pigs but still found space to gobble up the complimentary baklava that was served with our tea!
  Mezze - houmous, batata harra (spuds fried in onions and peppers), and okra in tomato sauce

JD's main of chicken shawarma served with garlic and chilli sauces

My main of grilled lamb cutlets - yum :)

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