Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cheeky treat - Sushi of Shiori

One of the contenders for 97 month dinner venue was Sushi Hiro - a little restaurant near us in Ealing which has been getting rave reviews over the years and boasts Heston Blumenthal and Mark Hix amongst its diners! Having browsed through a few food blogs, I found out via London Eater that Sushi Hiro had recently changed management and standards have slipped as a result. There was also another entry on his blog about Sushi of Shiori and how he had had a couple of really great meals there. I eventually discarded it thinking that I wouldn't be able to convince JD to a meal of just raw fish.

In the end (and buoyed by the fact that Fay Maschler had just reviewed it in the Evening Standard which only means that it will get busier), we decided to try our luck and go for Saturday lunch - there are only 8 seats in the restaurant and we were lucky to enough to get seated despite no reservations.

The sushi really is that good and I am looking forward to heading back another time, already have it in mind to invite a friend for a omakase dinner there :)
  Iberico pork shabu shabu salad - beautifully presented and pretty tasty but I wouldn't order it again

 Shiori sushi set - fatty tuna (yummy, says JD), salmon, yellowtail, some form of white fish (pardon my ignorance!), sweet shrimp with basil pesto (wow!), scallop with truffle oil (a OMG moment!), crab (not crabstick), salmon eggs and spicy tuna

Chirashi sushi don

Salmon don

Saving the best for last, wagyu beef sushi with ponzu sauce :)

If you are a sushi fan, I suggest you come here asap before the foodie stampede.......after our visit, Jay Rayner also reviewed the resto in the Observer.....

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