Sunday, 14 November 2010

3 desserts in 1 day - Napoleone

Despite our rather rich lunch of white truffle and wild boar, we were still feeling a little peckish come dinner time. Once again, we headed across the river to Oltrarno (note to self. must book hotel in this area for the next time!) and grabbed a bite to eat at Napoleone, a cosy, funky resto which had pizza on the menu, a rarity in Florence. Initially, we were just ordering a couple of courses but then I spotted burrata on offer as a special and couldn't resist so we ordered an additional antipasti. After our mains, our waiter also highly recommended the tiramisu, which JD succumbed to. 3 desserts in 1 day.....the "love handles" continue to develop nicely ;)
Burrata with prosciutto - the creamy centre was a real treat!

Hearty vegetable soup

 Quattro stagioni pizza - OK too much dough to finish :(

 Strawberries macerated in lemon juice and icing sugar

Tiramisu - yum ;) 

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