Monday, 22 November 2010

Gingerbread mob

I've been keeping out of/avoiding the kitchen ever since finishing the macaron tower for my bro's birthday but I need to remind myself every so often of my ultimate goal, which means continuing to try out recipes and seeing which might work out.

I acquired a copy of Tartine in the summer and had already tried a couple of recipes in the book which were not bad. At the time, I had also bookmarked to try out their glazed gingerbread recipe which looked pretty yummy in the pics. Its taken my lazy arse until now to finally try it out....rather than cut them out into sqaures, I decided to try out my new gingerbread man/woman cutters. The recipe said that the yield would be 12 to 20 cookies, depending on size. They clearly make super super size cookies at Tartine because I managed to make 60+ large gingerbread peeps - my kitchen was invaded by the suckers!! Luckily, they do keep for a couple of weeks which gives us some opportunity to munch through most of them :)

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