Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Florence break - Trattoria del Carmine

JD and I headed for a much needed short break to Florence last week which was absolutely lovely. We were blessed with some amazingly mild weather (a real shock to the system coming back to blighty and freezing cold temperatures!) - no rain, blue skies and lovely sunshine :)
November also seems to be a good time to visit the city as it is pretty quiet with not so many tourists around either meaning that you are not jostling with crowds to see all the sites.

Of course, we were looking forward to eating some yummy food and were not disappointed.....the proof's in the "love handles" we have developed post trip!! ;)

On our first night, we plumped for an unassuming trattoria (recom from our guidebook) on the other side of the river called Trattoria del Carmine and treated ourselves to a meal of the famous "bistecca fiorentina" - Italian T-bone steak which is a speciality in Tuscany since the meat comes from a special breed of cattle (Chianina) only found in this part of Italy. We didn't have to explain too much, just that we wanted bistecca and the waiters and chefs did the all the rest. The steak was shown to us and then whipped back into the kitchen to be cooked - always rare so that you can really taste how tender the meat is. The meat was beautifully cooked and tasted delicious but believe it or not, this wasn't the highlight of the evening. That came in the form of fresh "fagioli" (cannellini beans) cooked with a little tomato - so simple and yet so amazing!! Unfortunately, there are no pics of these heavenly beans but definitely one of the most delicious things we ate on this trip!
 Primi ("starter") of farfalle with artichokes

 Bistecca fiorentina - yum!

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